Come Over To The Foodie Side


My Name is Zoe and welcome to ThatsZoGood!

“You seem a little obsessed with food.”


“Yea. So… Aren’t you?”

“No no, I mean, this meal is delicious and everything. I just didn’t realize how much you REALLY loved it…..”

I swear, if I had a nickel for every time my “love of food” freaked someone out, I would probably have like 3 to 5 dollars in change by now. And yet, I’m always shocked by this reaction. I don’t understand how someone can say they don’t care to learn how to cook or how people manage to wake up with anything other than breakfast on their mind. For me, food is something that not only stops my stomach from making those awkward gurgling noises, but also something that I absolutely adore (admittedly in a sometimes inconvenient obsessive way).

Ever since I mastered the balancing act that is walking, I was in the kitchen helping and/or watching my mom cook. It took me a few years to earn knife handling privileges, but I was a huge asset when it came to mixing marinades and taste testing. Baking was my first official solo responsibility. I loved baked goods (I mean what kid doesn’t?) and was all over any excuse I could think of to lick the spoon. So, naturally, when my mom handed me the electric mixer and said, “Go to town”, it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

 As much as I loved to watch my mom cook, manage the dessert preparation, and consume portions too large to be considered reasonable for a small child, I didn’t become an adventurous eater until age 10. The change occurred at a Spanish restaurant where I happened to be publicly balling my eyes out at the absence of anything that I found close to appetizing. My older but not oldest brother, we will call him Bobo Numpkin, had had enough and promptly placed a bite of shrimp sautéed with garlic onto my plate. “Stop whining and eat” was his only advice. Apparently, short and sweet works for me, because I did as he said and haven’t looked back since. To this day, that restaurant is one of my favorites and I return often to inhale their double steamed lobster at lightning speed. It won’t soon be forgotten that they provided the single shrimp that tipped my scales in favor of all things involving food. I began to chop, peal, simmer, and sauté everything I could get my hands on. When other kids were asked what their hobbies were I was sure to be the only one to look up with a smile that went from ear to eat and say cooking and eating.

And that, my friends, is the beginning of the journey that lead me to create ThatsZoGood. Its a site for helpful recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, funny anecdotes, and facts about all things related to food. Think about it as a one-stop shop for foodie fanatics and potential converts to the foodie way.


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