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Oreo Stuffed Choco Chip Cookies

Yes… this happened.

My friend Ed posted a link to these cookies on Facebook and that is how I originally stumbled upon this magically, eye-popping, button bursting cookie. I wish I could take credit for such a glorious easy dessert but the originator is Picky Palate ( ). Kudos to her, that is for sure!

When i brought these cookies to work one of my bosses looked at them and said “that’s not fair” and walked away. He likes to pretend he wouldn’t eat them but I left them out when I left and they were all gone, so clearly someone got their hand stuck in the cookie jar!

Seriously people, this is a must make, not just for the yummy factors but also for the shock value. Eaters eyes literally bulge out of their head and their taste buds start doing jumping jacks in their mouths.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow Picky Palates exact recipe. If you have a cookie dough you like, you can use that as well!

Beware these are LARGE cookies J so no blaming me for your waistline!


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