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Lobsta Truck

Lobsta Truck at Beverly Hills Porsche in Los A...

Image by BeverlyHillsPorsche via Flickr

Food Trucks are no longer as rare and hard to find as they were a year ago. Its now turned into the next food revolution, the food truck revolution. A new food truck is coming out once a week, trying to top the most recent one in uniqueness, price and overall spunk.

The newest addition to the large array of food trucks in LA is the LOBSTA TRUCK. What’s great about this truck in particular is that it’s regularly in Hollywood so it is very easy to find and take advantage of. I suggest getting there early, right when it opens, in order to bypass the large line that often follows the spotting of the truck.


The menu is simple and there aren’t any choices besides the 3 things listed on the menu. If you get the lobsta roll you have to get it with butter and if you get the crab roll its partner is mayo. It’s not the cheapest of food trucks, it will run you about 12 bucks for a roll, but its lobster so I’m happy with the price. They give you enough lobster for you to be happy and not disappointed. Plus once they add it to the freshly toasted and buttered amped up hot dog bun the combination of flavors create fresh fireworks in your mouth(I could have had two). The fish tastes fresh and obviously not frozen.  I’m just glad I’m not the one cracking open every lobster in order to get the meat for all the patiently waiting, drooling customers.


Visit the website for where and when you can get yourself some LOBSTAAAAAA


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