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Let’s Talk Pancakes

I mean business when it comes to pancakes. To me they are the golden food. Someone says the word pancakes and I start salivating. I have always loved pancakes. Starting from when I was a child and my mom would let us make colored pancakes. I was convinced the colored ones tasted better than the normal ones, and although this can’t be scientifically proven, I’m convinced!

Everyone likes their pancakes differently. I like mine (when homemade) to be super thin, crispy on the borders and soaked in massive amounts of butter. I then pour sugar over them after buttering them once more and roll it into a wrap and eat it like a sandwich, no forks and knives required.

When I’m not in the comfort of my own home I like fluffy airy pancakes that aren’t over cooked. Tons of places have fancy versions of the classic pancake but when I think of the best classic pancake I’ve ever had one place comes to mind… JACKSON HOLE!!!!

Jackson Hole is a 50’s style dinner in Englewood NJ that I have been going to for years. They have jukeboxes at each table that actually work, friendly staff, and for some reason a front door that weighs more than two of me. Strangely enough they aren’t known for their pancakes but rather their ginormous burgers. They also have this huge machine that fresh squeezes oranges for their juice. It’s also the only place I will have OJ with pulp in it because it just tastes so good, pulp and all!

The pancakes are moist, fluffy and have a natural sweetness to them I cannot resist. I don’t even need syrup to enjoy these babies… I take them as is and am always sad when I realize I’ve taken my last bite. If you ever get a chance to go to Jackson Hole you HAVE to order the pancakes!


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