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How to: Roast Figs

I have a crush on figs. It’s a sweet, juicy, scrumptious fruit, which should really be considered a dessert that makes me jump for joy every time I see them. If that doesn’t explain a crush I don’t know what does!

I don’t know why figs have recently come into my life since moving to LA but I don’t even remember figs before moving. I don’t even think I had ever had them until I transplanted myself here.

You can roast figs on a Sunday and have them all week long, just like how I like to keep roasted tomatoes in the fridge for no good reason other than you never know when you might want to add it to something. (more…)


Dont Skimp Out On This Kind Of SALT

My farmer’s market trips usually result in me finding something new, which is exactly what happened this Sunday.  I stumbled upon this salt booth that now I can’t wait to go back to called Hepp’s Salt. This guy had about 30 – 40 different kinds of salts and I wanted every single one. What was so great about it was how reasonably priced they were. Each bag of salt was only 5 dollars. (more…)

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